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FAQ Aquilana SMARTMED – Medgate App

No, the Medgate App only works with iOS and Android.

The app is compatible with the latest operating system release available on the market and with the two previous system releases.

You can register and access your data on any device with your own user name and password. Please don’t forget to update the telephone number if it has changed.

In that case, the Medgate Customer Service Center will be happy to help from Monday to Friday, 08.00 – 12.00 and 13.30 – 17.00, on telephone number 061 377 88 28 or via the chat function on the website.

We advise you to update your smartphone operating system and use the latest Medgate App release. By activating the automatic update, you will always be using the latest app release. If the problems persist, please contact Medgate Customer Service on
+41 377 88 28.

Registration SMARTMED

An email address, mobile phone number and an insurance card are needed to register and identify yourself. An identification card is also required for verification purposes.

V1: Wait for the new Aquilana insurance card and then register once you have received your insurance card.
V2: You can register with your existing insurance card, no matter which insurer you used previously. As soon as the new Aquilana card is valid, this will be recognized and changed in the Medgate App.

No, the Aquilana SMARTMED model will be detected automatically and the adjustment made once cover begins.

Please check how you have entered your email address:
V1: You entered the email address incorrectly. It must be an email address in the current format.
V2: You have already used this email address once in the past to register with Medgate. Please try to reactive the account with “Password forgotten.”

Handling issues

Because of data protection regulations and access to medical documents, only minor children can be added if one of the parents is the legal guardian. All adults must set up an account of their own.

No, the children can only be registered with one parent in the app.

In the Smartmed model, a charge at the Tarmed rate is always made for consultation with a doctor (telephone, video, chat). However, a telephone conversation of this kind is less expensive than a physical visit to the doctor.

You can connect your wearables, apps or sensors to the Medgate App and make your recorded health data available to the Medgate doctors. They can consult the data during a telephone consultation and give you even better treatment thanks to the additional information about your health. The data will be used during the treatment if the Medgate doctor believes that this makes sense medically and helps to give you still better treatment. What is more, you have an overview of all your health data in the Medgate App.

Medical matters in the app

If you experience symptoms of an illness, please enter your condition in the Medgate App during the booking process. With the use of artificial intelligence you will automatically be questioned about your symptoms in the Medgate App. You will then be advised as to whether a telephone or video consultation (available in German, French, Italian or English) with a Medgate doctor or a visit to your own general practitioner is appropriate. The help enabling our Aquilana SMARTMED insured members to reach a decision is designed in the first instance to reduce costs and duplication. A video shows you exactly how this triage works.

Ongoing treatments must be notified at the outset. This can also be done via the “administrative chat”. No charge is made to the insured member for this. If Medgate medical personnel are needed to set up the treatment plan, the consultation will be billed to Aquilana at Tarmed rates (with a cost participation by the insured member).

An existing treatment plan can be extended once either directly via the treatment plan or through the “administrative chat.” No charge is made to the customer for this extension unless Medgate required a medical consultation before approving the extension.

There are no limitations on general practitioners in the Aquilana SMARTMED model. Your own general practitioner or your fa- vourite Medgate doctor can, however, be recorded in the Medgate App on request. Only specialists are limited in the Medgate partner network. Persons insured with SMARTMED can go to their usual general practitioner if a physical consultation with a GP is recommended after the digital assessment of their symptoms (AI).

A referral can be recorded free of charge either directly via the treatment plan or through the “administrative chat.” In the case of Smartmed, please note that a specialist must always be listed in the Medgate partner network.

This is at the doctor’s discretion and must be discussed with her/him.

Yes, provided that the Medgate doctor recommends a physical consultation with a general practitioner, any such practitioner may be visited.

A referral by Medgate is always needed. You must consult a specialist who is listed in the Medgate partner network.

Medgate doctors can issue a medical certificate or a prescription (e.g. for physiotherapy). If pharmaceuticals are needed, per- sons holding Aquilana SMARTMED insurance can send the necessary prescription to the pharmacy of their choice or to a mail order pharmacy. Medgate cooperates with the Zur Rose, Mediservice and Saner mail order pharmacies (in the Basel region).


Yes, persons holding SMARTMED insurance with Aquilana must use the BetterDoc service before undergoing scheduled oper- ations as a hospital inpatient (including gynaecological, ophthalmological and paediatric interventions) and before any other scheduled stays in hospital. You will then benefit from full transparency in respect of particularly suitable points of contact for the treatment; that in turn will increase the likelihood of a successful outcome.

No, the suggestion is to be regarded as a recommendation. There is no obligation to follow BetterDoc recommendations.

BetterDoc is also available optionally and free of charge to persons holding SMARTMED insurance with Aquilana to obtain rec- ommendations of specialists in all medical specialisms or get a second opinion for outpatient treatment. Persons insured with the Aquilana SMARTMED model therefore always have an opportunity to consult the most suitable specialist. In this case too, persons holding SMARTMED insurance with Aquilana are still free to decide whether to use the service provider recommended by BetterDoc.

Contact can be made on telephone number 061 551 01 88 (Mo-Fr 8.00 to 17.00) or online.

6 Security and data protection with the Medgate App

When developing the Medgate App, Medgate took exceptional care to ensure that the app complies with the latest data protection regulations. All the data are encrypted and protected during transfer. Data in the app are also password-protected against unauthorized access. The user must also identify himself once by an ID and insurance card before being able to make full use of the app.

Instructions for use, the data protection provisions and the general terms and conditions of business of Medgate can be consulted on the Medgate website in the Document library.