FAQ myAquilana

FAQ myAquilana

myAquilana app and customer portal – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The myAquilana app and customer portal give you an easy and convenient overview of all your documents. This online access brings you the following advantages:

  • You can obtain details of your own contract, your insurance cover, your documents and the latest remaining excess/self-pay sum.
  • You manage or alter your personal data and effect straightforward cover changes yourself.
  • You scan your invoices and enter them online.
  • You can send messages and receive notifications and documents (immediate notification of the arrival of new documents).
  • You have immediate access to insurance details for your whole family.

We are constantly improving myAquilana and adapting the app to our insured members’ needs. With our app and portal solution, you receive your key documents such as insurance policies or benefit calculations electronically straight to myAquilana via a protected communication channel. Thanks to this digital customer contact, we no longer send you the most frequent documents by post. By using myAquilana you are therefore also making an important contribution to the environment (paperless communication).

The myAquilana app is ready to download in the Google Play Store® and in the App Store®.

App Store@     Google Play Store@

Registration, login


My myAquilana account has been frozen.

To unlock your account, please get in touch with our customer service by telephone on +41 56 203 44 44 (Monday to Friday, 8.00–12.00 and 13.30–16.30) or contact us by email: info@aquilana.ch.

I have entered the wrong password several times. How long must I wait before I can log in again?

As the number of unsuccessful log-ins increases, so the waiting time until the next possible log-in attempt also becomes longer. If you have forgotten the correct password, please call our customer service by telephone on +41 56 203 44 44 (Monday to Friday, 8.00–12.00 and 13.30–16.30) or contact us by email: info@aquilana.ch.

I have forgotten my username.

If you have forgotten your username, please select the “Username forgotten” button on the myAquilana login page to contact Aquilana. You can of course also get in touch with our customer service by telephone on +41 56 203 44 44 (Monday to Friday, 8.00–12.00 and 13.30–16.30).

I was unable to complete registration successfully. What have I done wrong?

Please check your entries and the exact registration sequence:

  1. enter your insured member’s number, email address and mobile phone number
  2. confirm the terms and conditions of use
  3. enter your postcode, date of birth and monthly premium (gross premium without de-duction of the personal premium abatement, see insurance policy)
  4. enter and confirm your chosen password
  5. a security code is sent to you by SMS; enter this code in the app
  6. notification of confirmation of registration
I can no longer log into the app with my username and password.

Please contact customer service on +41 56 203 44 44 (Monday to Friday, 8.00–12.00 and 13.30–16.30) or contact us by email: info@aquilana.ch.

I can no longer register with my insured member’s number. Why not?

Please check on your policy whether your cover was already active when you attempted to register. You may have registered previously. Please also note that insured members with a care order/ guardi-anship and persons under the age of 14 are not allowed to use the myAquilana app and customer portal. In addition, myAquilana can only be used by insured members whose civil law domicile is in Switzerland. myAquilana can only be downloaded within Switzerland (app download outside Switzerland is blocked). If none of these possible causes applies, please contact customer service on +41 56 203 44 44 (Monday to Friday, 8.00–12.00 and 13.30–16.30) or contact us by email: info@aquilana.ch.

The following error message appears when I register: “Your entry format is invalid”. What must I do?

Please check your data entry format (e.g. mobile phone number 07x 0000000).

I did not receive an SMS code after registration or login.

Please quit the app or portal and begin the registration process again.

Which information is needed for registration?
  • Enter your insured member’s number, email address and mobile phone number. Set up a per-sonal password.
  • You must also answer the following security questions: date of birth, postcode and your cur-rent personal monthly premium (gross monthly premium without deducting the personal pre-mium abatement).
  • Once the security questions have been answered, you will receive an activation code by SMS (two-factor authentication).
Who or how many persons in my family can register for the app?

In principle, all members of one and the same family policy can register for the myAquilana app and portal except for persons with a care order/guardianship or persons who are under the age of 14. In addition, myAquilana can only be used by insured members whose civil law domicile is in Switzerland and who download the app in Switzerland (use with an Internet connection is still possible from abroad).

How do I proceed if I have a new device?

Install the app on your new device and log in with your usual particulars.

How can I register a new mobile phone number?

If you have a new mobile phone number, please let our customer service know on +41 56 203 44 44 (Monday to Friday, 8.00–12.00 and 13.30–16.30) or contact us by email: info@aquilana.ch.

I have logged in to myAquilana but can only see my own data and not my family members’ data. What must I do?

Only the premium payer registered with Aquilana can see the data for all family members. To see the whole family, please log in with this account. If you wish to change the person who pays the premiums, our customer service will be happy to help.

Scan invoices and send them online


Take a photo (scan) of your invoices: When I take a photo with the app my invoices are cut in half or only shown in part. Why does that happen?

In such cases, the background of the invoices or documents does not have sufficient contrast (e.g. white invoice on a white table). To correct this, choose a darker background with greater contrast. If necessary, use the frame displayed on the screen when scanning and make sure that the whole document is located inside this frame.

Submitting invoices: Can I also submit invoices for insured family members via the app?

Yes, invoices for all family members can be submitted via myAquilana. When scanning, please select the particular family member for whom the supporting document is being sent.

Submitting invoices: Can more than one invoice be submitted during each operation via the app?

You should only send one invoice (with one or more pages) during each operation. This ensures that you receive a status message for each individual invoice. If more than one invoice is included in a single operation, the particular invoice to which the status message refers will not be clear.

Submitting Invoices: Which status messages are there and what do they mean?

There are four status messages for each invoice submitted by you:

  1. Document sent: invoice sent to Aquilana
  2. Document received: invoice received by Aquilana
  3. Document being processed: the invoice is being processed
  4. Processing completed: invoice cleared for payment

There are also two status messages which report back the availability or status of the connection:

  • Maintenance work: the system is currently undergoing maintenance (as a rule, this is announced well in advance).
  • Offline: the smartphone is not connected to the network.

If either of these two messages appears, the app or portal cannot be used.

Submitting invoices: are there any data volume limits for uploading invoices or other digitised documents?

The following limits apply when uploading documents in the myAquilana app or customer portal:

  • maximum number of documents in a submission: 25
  • maximum number of submissions per day: 25
  • maximum file size: 10 MB
Possible means of transmission: Can invoices only be sent to Aquilana via WLAN?

No, in the “Settings” menu point of the app, you can deactivate the “Only transfer data via WLAN” presetting and transfer the invoices via your mobile phone provider instead. Please note: depending on your particular subscription, your provider may charge you for the transfer of data packages if you do not send invoices via WLAN.

Possible means of transmission: Can only invoices be scanned and sent?

In addition to scanning invoices, documents that have already been digitised such as photos and PDFs can also be uploaded and sent via the app or in the customer portal.

Document control

Once I have registered with myAquilana, will documents such as insurance policies and statements only be sent to me electronically or will I continue to receive them by post?
  • By using myAquilana, our registered insured members help to protect the environment. The following documents will only be sent electronically:
    • benefit statements
    • premium invoices
    • insurance policies
    • tax statement
  • The following documents will be sent both electronically and by post:
    • payment reminders
    • warnings
Why can I not consult any documents in myAquilana immediately after registering?

Documents generated before registration cannot be consulted in myAquilana. Only documents generated after registration are made available to users.


Why does a “debit balance” still always appear in the messages even though I have already paid the invoice?

No payment information is shown in myAquilana for the time being. An invoice therefore always remains in the same state in the app and the portal. Should you have any questions about statements, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Supported operating systems and web browsers


Which iOS and Android operating system releases are supported?

Compatibility is assured for the latest operating system release available on the market and the two previous releases. We advise you to update your smartphone regularly to the latest operating system release.

Which web browsers are supported by the portal solution?

In principle, all the usual up-to-date web browsers are supported. There are some display limitations if Microsoft Internet Explorer is used. A message will be sent to inform you of this when the portal is opened.

Security and data protection


Are my data secure?

Your data are secure and stored exclusively in Switzerland. The latest security components are incorporated into the myAquilana app. The connection is encrypted, and every business transaction secured by the username, password and PIN. We advise you to use a suitably complex password (e.g. not a date of birth). The security measures are reviewed regularly by an external agency.

Are my invoices protected in the app if I lose my smartphone?

Yes, provided that you protect access to the app with a password and log off again after using the app (log out occurs automatically after 30 minutes if the app is not used). No data are stored directly on the device.

Can I transfer my invoices in the app to a new smartphone?

This is not necessary because no data are stored on the device itself.

Will my data be lost if I delete the app?

No. No data are stored on the device itself.

Will my own myAquilana account be deleted if I change my insurance provider?

Your account will automatically be cancelled after a 90-day time limit. This only applies if no other family members are still insured with Aquilana.

Will my data be gathered?

No data additional to those already present in the insurance system will be gathered. Only technical information such as fault messages in the login procedure will be recorded in protocols and used for the ongoing improvement process.

Can I also use the app abroad?

Yes. The app can also be used abroad. On the other hand, the app can only be downloaded in Switzerland. When the services offered by myAquilana are used in another country, Section 6.3 of the terms and conditions of use likewise applies.

Can I log in using a touch ID and/or face ID?

Yes, you can. However, as the touch ID or face ID login functions come from a third party provider, Aquilana is liable neither for the accuracy and outcomes of the data made available nor for secondary damage that may occur when third party face ID or touch ID applications are used for the login procedure. Aquilana is likewise not liable for damage caused by potential failure of the third-party providers’ login or service offerings. If you use this login method, Aquilana recommends the following security measures:

  • Only register your own face (face ID).
  • Only enter a scan of your own fingers (touch ID).
  • Do not allow a third party to access your device.



Whom can I contact if I encounter problems with the app?

Please contact our customer service by telephone on +41 56 203 44 44 (Monday to Friday, 8.00–12.00 and 13.30–16.30) or contact us by email: info@aquilana.ch.

Where can I find the myAquilana app?

The myAquilana app is ready to download in the Google Play Store® and in the App Store®.

App Store@     Google Play Store@